Baseball Sessions - Benefits and Fees 

First session is free.  Will evaluate strengths and weaknesses.   Will work with kids, boys or girls, of all ages.

Session fees:
Pitching - $30.00 per one hour session.
Fielding - $30.00 per one hour session.
Hitting - $30.00 per one hour session.

Pitching - Keep session simple.  Depending on age.  Sessions are geared to become a dominant pitcher.  Statistics kept to show progress.  Home 30 minute pitching drills are required daily.   Will explain and demonstrate these pitching drills during session.  Noticeable results in 3 months.

Fielding - Intial sessions according to skill level.  Proper fielding mechanics shown.  Modern equipment and drills used and shown.  To become a dominant fielder.  Thirty minute home drills important.   Drills to be demonstrated at session.  Noticeable results in 3 months.

Hitting - Iinitial  individual sessions geared to make contact.  Power swing introduced when contact consistent.  Sessions are hard work and fun.  Statistics kept to show progress.   Batting Cage & pitching machine used.

Note:  My methods work!   Positive results in 3 months.   Takes work and then more work.

Should family schedules make sessions difficult to attend.  I can schedule to travel to a convenient location.   (Time and travel expense will be added to this session).

Questions call 830.391.0229 .