BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS
                     BEGINS - SATURDAY, MARCH 7

Boys and girls to compete with same age or grade level.

Ten dollar team fee.

Call or text to register. 830.391.0229


Instructor demonstrates some ball handling, shooting and footwork drills.  Shown at individual sessions.

Working these and the other drills daily.  For 30 minutes.  Will improve basketball skills.

Work to be better than average!

Will post more video soon!

 TUE, MAR. 3, 2020.  Floresville Civic Center Gym (6:30 to 7:30).

Will work with elementary and middle school level kids, boys and girls.

Develop basketball skills.

Will continue every Tuesday  thru month of March.

No fees!   No fees!

Call 830.391.0229 to register.   Can register on site.

keep working!


Instructor demonstrates one of many helpful shooting drills.

Sessions to cover all aspects of basketball.  Shooting, ball handling drills, rebounding, footwork....etc

Call or text 830.391.0229 to register. 

Basketball Sessions - FOR BOYS & GIRLS

First session is free.   Will evaluate strengths and weeknesses.  Future sessions $30.00
1.  Shooting - will work with skill level.  Help develop proper shot & accuracy.
2.  Ball handling  - drills shown to develop ball handling skills.
3.  Footwork  -  needed for becoming a skilled player, defense and offense.
4.  Rules - will answers questions to basketball rules.

Questions Call 830.391.0229.