VOLLEYBALL QUESTION
                            TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 

Q. #1.  How many substitutions allowed in a set?

Q. #2.  How many time outs in a set?

Q. #3.  Can a back-row setter block a ball?

Q.  #4. How many sets in a varsity match?

Q. #5. How many sets in a sub-varsity match?

Will answer questions.  At next referee training session.

                               REFEREE TRAINING TO CONTINUE
                              SUNDAY, MORNING, NOVEMBER 1
                                                       AT 10

Will postpone Sunday morning, October 25, referee training.

Will be out of town evaluating all day.

Will continue following Sunday morning, November 1.  At my facility.  10 to 12pm.

Keep working!

                                 HIGH SCHOOL & MIDDLE
​​​​​​                                  BASKETBALL QUESTIONS
                                   TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 

Q.  How many foul before a player is disqualified?

Q.  Where on court is closely guarded in effect?

Q.  How many seconds given when closely guarded in effect?

Q.  How many seconds ball in the back court?  Before a violation?

Will answer questions at next referee training session.

                       CONTINUED REFEREE TRAINING 

My officiating schedule for this week listed below:
Volleyball- Friday, October 23 - Stockdale (5pm Jv) (6pm V)

Girl’s Basketball scrimmages - Saturday morning, October 31 - Kenedy (10am)

Boy’s Basketball scrimmages - Saturday morning, November 7 - Gonzalez (9am)

Good idea to attend.  Great learning experience.